Achieving A Faster Speed Towards Thesis Writing

Writing your thesis can pick up and become a frenzy towards the final months of your degree study. However, there are several ways and tip that you can adapt to write you thesis quickly. The tips include:

Decide when to start

We all make plans of things we wish to accomplish. But the critical moment is the starting point. For your thesis, you need to identify when you will be starting. I can advise you that the start from the last day (deadline) and start planning the time you need to research and write the thesis. Also include the revision, meetings with your supervisor. All these tasks should help you with an appropriate date to start. Most thesis takes around three months to complete. So, you can start three months before the deadline or earlier if you want more time to work on the thesis.

Decide when to stop

Set a finishing time for yourself that you should work towards. Do not limit yourself to the deadline set by your school. If you want to write faster, you need to work under your own rules. So setting an end date that is earlier than your school’s deadline will help you write faster. You can also motivate yourself by imagining that some bucks out of your pocket every day after the deadline are some bucks. 

Set a deadline for each chapter

Consider each chapter as a milestone that you need to achieve by a specific time. Since the chapter varies in size and some chapters need more research and have additional processes, you should consider giving them more time. You might include your supervisor in these milestones and have a review after every chapter that you complete.

Set a daily target

Set a target of many words you wish to write in a day. It will help you in achieving a weekly target and the completion of a chapter. This strategy is easier than setting a day or two to write over ten thousand words. It might fail you when you experience writer’s block. So, it is more prudent and wise to work with a daily target.

Create a distraction-free and a comfortable environment

Many locations are conducive for writing. We also have our preference on the environments we can write in. If you are the person who thrives in silence, find a secluded room with less traffic, and you have control of the electronics. You may also choose to go to the library, a controlled space with all the resources you might need. Ensure that you are free of distractors such as emails, social media platforms, and incoming messages and calls. You can switch off your phone or keep it far from you.

Take breaks between writing

The human mind tends to drift away after long concentration. So, if you wish to have successful writing, take regular breaks. Most preferably, a 5-minute break after every 25 minutes of writing. Use these breaks to stretch your legs, have a cup of coffee, or any other activity that does not involve the computer. 

Also when you are not working, stay away from the computer. It can be quite a challenge for many people, but you can do it. Check your emails only after working for two hours. Most of the time, you will not find anything that requires your attention, but it is essential to check if there are urgent ones. 

Take care of yourself

Your productivity in any day will depend on how well you take care of yourself. You need to ensure that you are eating well for the proper functioning of the body. Adequate sleep is also a requirement for psychological functioning. Take time to socialize with your peers and family as well. They are the source of the physical, psychological, and emotional well-being of a person. 

With the above tips, you are sure to write and complete your thesis as fast as you can. - best online solution for college homework help.