14 Interesting Topics To Explore In An International Business And Management Dissertation

Choosing the right topic is the most critical part of the international business management custom dissertation writing. In fact, once you get it right on this aspect, you will complete the rest of the paper in time and effortlessly. It is, however, not always easy to come up with the right topic. It is particularly true if you are looking for an original and a unique one. This piece offers you suggestions on some of the topics you should explore.

  1. The relationship between corporate governance on internalization and globalization. Does such governance have any impact? How should the leaders in an organization prepare for globalization and internalization?
  2. The implications of the rising power of NGO on the multinational corporations. Many NGOS have become more powerful and established in different nations to the extent that the multinationals are unable to compete effectively. The NGOS may also come up with campaigns that speak against the multinational activities. What does this mean for the multinationals?
  3. How do the multinational activities affect the small-medium enterprises? Here, you may want to focus on the developing countries for a better analysis.
  4. How does globalization affect team work in businesses? Are teams able to work together when they come from dissimilar cultures?
  5. What strategies should businesses adopt in a globalization era? Focus should be given on some of the strategies that have been successfully adopted by businesses operating in the global scene.
  6. The drivers of the Chinese business expansion in developing countries. You may want to focus on what China is doing differently.
  7. The relationship between outsourcing of services and poor customer care services. Should companies outsource critical services?
  8. Organization cultural change. What is the role of the employees and utilizing feedback from clients?
  9. The impact of training employees in the new global economy. Find out the areas in which employees can be trained to help achieve international business goals.
  10. Management of information technology for international businesses
  11. Social media branding- can it help businesses to gain competitive advantages in the globalization era?
  12. The role of innovation in international marketing and business
  13. Importance of mergers and acquisitions in conducting international business
  14. Case studies of businesses that have failed in international markets

Having considered the topics listed here, you can go through the existing literature and find your own point of view. You may even combine a few aspects or focus on case studies to make your research original. Ultimately, you should submit an award winning business and management dissertation.

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