Handy suggestions and tips for writing a social work dissertation proposal

Starting the process of writing your dissertation can give you mixed feelings especially when your area of study is Social Work as the area can be so complex and encompassing. Writing your research proposal can be even more stressful. Here we have social work dissertation ideas that will help you.
On one hand you are excited by the idea that you are at a point in your education where you are about to write one of the most important pieces of work of your life. On the other hand it can be a time of anxiety and indecision.
To write an excellent dissertation proposal you may find that these suggestions and tips very useful.

Suggestions for finding your focus

  • Before you start writing your paper, take the time to look at other papers. Look at the structure but focus on the actual proposal statement.
  • Take the time to go back to the instructions that you have been given regarding writing your proposal and your paper.
  • Look at the topic areas of the papers that you have selected to read. Are these topics current. To help you choose you topic area look at what is in the news.
  • Once you have chosen the topic that you want to explore, then be realistic about what you can cover in one paper, additional work can be suggested in your discussion.
  • If you are not sure about any of the aspects of the proposal paper, then make an appointment to talk about it with your professor.

Tips to write your proposal

  • When making a decision about your topic area make sure that you are comfortable with it and can sustain a level of interest in it as you will be working with it for some time.
  • Refer back to the instructions that your school has given about the proposal. Make sure that you understand the structure as well as the amount of information you need to get.
  • Be specific about the problem that you want to explore. If the problem is non specific then your proposal will not get approval from the panel.
  • Think more in terms of 'problem statement' rather than hypothesis at this point. You will be able to refine your hypothesis, but it can take a bit of time,
  • Once your proposal has been seen by the panel, there may be suggestions. It is a good idea to take these suggestions on board as the panel will be assessing your final paper.

The process of producing the proposal can be daunting, but by thinking in terms of 'problem statement' this can ease the pressure a little as it can make you feel more in charge of your project.

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