A Collection Of Original Topic Ideas For A PhD Dissertation In Business

At PHD level, your professors will expect you to come up with winning topics in business. In fact, they expect you to make significant contributions in business. How can you achieve this? Well, read on for insights.

Choosing business dissertation topics requires you to consider a number of things. First, you must consider the resources at your disposal. Do you have enough finances to conduct an extensive research? Do you have people to help you along the way? Are you assured that there are enough sources in the online and offline libraries?

Second, you need to consider your interests and preferences. It will be more difficult if you settle for a topic that is uninteresting for you. You must, therefore, find an area of study that may have aroused your interests and choose a topic from there.

Third, your topic must be relevant in the field; you should be in a position to make relevant contributions in the business field. Therefore, you may want to go through your course outline before narrowing down to a topic.

If you have difficulties choosing the right topic, here are some incredible suggestions:

  1. Corporate social responsibility. Focus on whether companies come up with such initiatives with the right motive in mind.
  2. The charisma of a leader. Does it matter in business?
  3. Leadership and sustaining competitiveness in business
  4. The relationship between an Organizational culture and business performance
  5. How can business managers encourage creativity and innovation among the employees? A case study will help you to explain your point of view well.
  6. Business ethics. here, you can focus on the reasons why employees opt to act unethically despite the fact that they are fully aware of the code of ethics in a company
  7. Relationship between personal values and business performance
  8. Recruiting people with the characteristics of a company in mind. How can human resource managers achieve this?
  9. Why are courage and humility important in business leadership?
  10. Implications of business social perceptions.
  11. Management of technology and innovation in business
  12. Social entrepreneurship and its importance in developing countries

Clearly, there are many dissertation topics in business that you must consider.

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