A Selection Of Best Topics For A PhD Thesis Paper In Financial Management

Crafting a financial management dissertation starts by coming up with an authentic topic. Many students will be stuck at some points because most topics seem to have been covered in the past. Other topics may seem irrelevant and uninteresting. You can avoid going through such a process by considering the following topics:

  1. Microfinance in developing countries. Find out through research whether enough awareness has been raised in such countries and the impact.
  2. The relationship between business growth and investment and Accessing credit
  3. Comparison of financial innovation in a developed country and a Middle East country
  4. Agricultural productivity and credit flow. What is the relationship? How can retail and commercial banks boost agricultural productivity in developing countries?
  5. The attitudes and perceptions on investing in emerging markets. You can focus on the idea that emerging markets are expensive and hence offer details on the related perceptions by the developing countries.
  6. The role of Financial supervision in addressing cross-border issues
  7. Investor behavior. Focus on how investors in a country have been behaving within a decade
  8. Hedge funds. What are the reasons for growth of hedge funds in some developing nations? What are the effects of such a growth?
  9. The current and future developments of internet banking in developing and developed nations. You could focus on either a developed or a developing country.
  10. Ethics in banking. Find out if banks always act ethically in offering credit to the consumer. What are the effects of unethical behavior in banking? You could pay a keen focus on failure to disclose information to the clients while rendering credit to them.
  11. The security issues in transactions related to electronic banking. Find out whether the banking sectors have made progress to secure confidential and private consumer data. You could narrow down to the issue of identity theft in the sector.
  12. Terrorism and financing
  13. Risk management and foreign exchange

Notably, you may want to do more research before settling for any of the above dissertation topics in financial management. This way, you will get a unique point of view that further helps you to craft an outstanding paper. Equally important, you can involve other people to brainstorm on some of the aspects to consider while completing the paper. For more topics suggestions and details on how to come up with a winning paper, check this out.

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